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3D X-Ray Scanner

X-Ray technology has become so advanced. We are able to provide lower emissions of radiation than ever before with clarity that is unsurpassed. X-Rays are needed to see what may be going on between teeth or below the bone level. With our 3D x-ray technology we are able to see what 2D films don't always capture as well. This scan gives us thousands of slices of the image to view in depth, and an overall panoramic view of your teeth. 

Trios 3 Shape Scanner

Our Trios scanner provides state of the art technology to utilize for several services in our office. The traditional impression method uses trays filled with thick alginate material. The impression is then filled with plaster and a 3D model of your mouth is created. With the Trios we are able to scan using the wand and hundreds of photos are compiled together to create the 3D model you see on the screen. We are then able to send this model to our lab. This is an amazing tool that we are able to use for our natural tooth preservation procedures, as well as for orthodontics and Smile Design.  

TMD screening and treatment using the K-7

Dr. Brittany and her team have gone to extensive training with Myotronics to be able to provide the community with technology that can help diagnosis and treat TMD, chronic headaches, misaligned jaw and bite. Our K-7 uses sensors to pick up muscle activity in the head and neck. Dr. Brittany is shown here at a continuing education course having diagnostic scans ran through the K-7. We are excited to advance our treatment capabilities with this technology. 

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Marysville dentist, Dr. Brittany Owens, offers general, cosmetic, and sleep apnea dentistry to the entire family. Marysville Dental Care also sees patients from Washington; Belleville; Seneca; Beatrice, NE; Fairbury, NE; and other surrounding areas.

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