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Do you currently have dentures that you don't like? Until now, there haven’t been very good cosmetic options for denture wearers. In the past, you were either offered an inexpensive set that had plastic teeth and didn't fit very well, or you were offered a more expensive traditional denture that usually fit a little better. Either way, both options left you with abundant wrinkles, thin lips, and a sunken face that made it obvious you were wearing dentures.

Now there is a new technique that was developed for cosmetic dentists that can be applied to dentures. This new option, is proudly offered by Marysville Dental Care. This denture is comfortable, allows you to chew, will fit better than other dentures, and most importantly, it will give you a beautiful smile.


The basis for this type of Dentures is neuromuscular treatment. With this treatment, your dentures will rest partially on the muscles in your jaw. This alone will give you a better fit for your dentures, but there are many more benefits that come along with this technique. Most people who wear dentures have a "collapsed" look to their face because of a process called jawbone resorption. Once the natural teeth are removed, bone loss accelerates because the jawbone is not naturally stimulated by normal processes in your mouth like chewing food with your teeth. Traditional dentures designed to rest on top of the gums don’t provide the stimulation your jawbone needs either. The technique we use however, rest on the muscles in your jaw and work to naturally stimulate the jawbone giving you plumper lips, lessening wrinkles around your mouth, and filling out your face. 

Using neuromuscular dentistry, our cosmetic dentist will find your optimum position for muscle relaxation and function in order to achieve those stable and relaxed muscles. This also allows us to build your bite position (how your teeth come together) in the stable place where your muscles have the best function. This position is the one that provides the greatest facial support, which not only helps the dentures to function at their best, but will also help patients look their best.

If your dentures are not made to optimum neuromuscular dimensions, your face will continue to look like you are wearing dentures.  This process does take an average of four visits and is much more expensive than the economy version, but the results are definitely worth it. Marysville Dental Care offers a new level of comfort, customization, and confidence over the traditional options for denture wearers.

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