Sleep Labs and CPAPS? Exploring alternatives for traditional sleep therapy

Nov 14 • 2 minute read

Has a sleep study been recommended to you? Do you feel overwhelmed with sleeping in a lab overnight away from home, or having to adjust to sleeping with a CPAP machine? These are all concerns that we will address and discuss treatment options that maybe no one else has told you about.

Sleep Studies

Sleep studies done in a sleep lab are the traditional choice. Sensors placed on the head and body can make sleeping difficult. At home sleep studies are a great alternative in getting a closer look at nighttime patterns. A sensor is placed on one finger, with a connecting wrist band. Oxygen saturation, pulse, snoring levels, body position and periods of apnea are all recorded.

Receiving Results

Results from a sleep study lab can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to be returned to the physician. An at home study is brought back the next morning and the results can be uploaded in minutes. Results can be discussed, and a treatment plan made much sooner.


Lab sleep studies can be very costly. Every insurance is different, and each lab sets their own prices, but the average cost is $3,000. An at home study is based on the office as well, but the average is $90.

Alternative Treatment Options

You do have choices when it comes to the treatment of your sleep apnea. A CPAP forces air through the nostrils to keep the airway open. The alternative is a sleep appliance worn at night. The appliance gently holds the lower jaw in a forward position to open the airway.

Why Would I go to the Dentist for Sleep Concerns?

Here at Marysville Dental Care we offer at home sleep studies, as well as sleep appliances. There is a body attached to the mouth, and more importantly, a person. Dr. Brittany wants to treat more than just singular tooth problems. Addressing the mouth and body is key in providing quality care. They cannot be thought of as two separate systems. If you are interested in having an at home sleep study or learning more give us a call to schedule a consult. We provide the latest in sleep appliance technology. Providing Comfort, Convenience, and Cost-effective options for our patients is our goal.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or are concerned you or your spouse may have sleep apnea, please call. This is a serious condition that if left untreated can be very harmful to your health. Our hearts are made to rest at night while we sleep, not work harder. We are here to help keep our patients healthy and informed. It is Dr. Brittany’s goal to provide services locally, making the experience as convenient as possible.  At Marysville Dental Care we do dentistry differently.


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Sleep Labs and CPAPS? Exploring alternatives for traditional sleep therapy

Has a sleep study been recommended to you? Do you feel overwhelmed with sleeping in a lab overnight ...

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