Danger! Candy up ahead!

Oct 31 • 1 minute read

Brushing and flossing are always important. After eating sugary or acidic foods, it is crucial in fighting against decay. I know it's the same old song and dance, brush and floss! The candy that lines the shelves to bring home for your kids and all the neighbors, can have effects on your teeth that are scary. Scarier than that one kid from last year who was a clown. Uugghhh clowns.... Did you know that the leading sour candy brands have the same Ph level of battery acid?! So, imagine if it takes 10 minutes to dissolve the candy in your mouth and then you have 4 or 5 more pieces. That's the equivalent of swishing battery acid around in your mouth for almost an hour! The Ph level in our mouths and bodies are so important. Most people don't think twice about what the Ph level of what they're consuming is. I mean who really stands in the aisle at Walmart looking for food and says, "Hmm, I wonder what the Ph level is in this can of spam?" Which, if your buying spam we really need to have a talk. What I'm saying is, we as consumers need to be aware to the dangers of the things we consume! Nutritional labeling might lead you to believe everything is listed, but they are still vague. And nowhere are you going to find a label or sign that says, "Hey don't buy this, it's bad for your health!" You might get a face palm from your kids at first, but maybe try alternatives when it comes to passing out Halloween treats this year. Instead of a bucket full of battery acid, maybe try natural fruit jerky or local honey sticks. Other great options include organic apple cider packets, glow sticks, mini water bottles, stickers and mini flashlights. Honestly those things aren’t going to be any more expensive than the big bag of candy you were planning on buying anyway. Have you guys seen the prices on that stuff?! I was planning on dressing up as a zombie this year anyway, so go ahead and take my arm and leg while you’re at it... 

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