When does my child need to go to the dentist?

Oct 30 • 3 minute read

Kids + The Dentist 

Coming to the dentist can be nerve racking for anyone, 2 or 92 it can be a lot to process. Maybe you have babies at home or maybe your children are a little older. Have they been to the dentist? Does the thought of taking them exhaust you? Or maybe the thought hasn't crossed your mind. It's easy to say "Oh we'll do that later" or "nothing is wrong right now, so we don't need to go". Do you put gas and oil in your car when it needs it, or do you wait until it breaks down and won't run? The same goes for our teeth. By brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist every 6 months you can avoid costly and time consuming procedures. By bringing your kids in when they get their first tooth your exposing them to the dental office in a positive way. They're able to take a tour of the office and meet everyone. They can see all the things we use to brush their teeth. This is also a great opportunity for mom and dad to ask questions about providing good oral hygiene for their little one.

First tooth, first visit!

At our office we say as soon as the first tooth is in, come see us! We love having the opportunity to meet new kids and share good hygiene habits for the entire family. This way their first experience with the dentist is positive and shows them there is nothing to be scared about. Having them come in for the first time and getting a ton of work done is not a good first impression for kids.  Building trust with your children and you as the parents is very important to us. 

Do, Show, Tell

Implementing this practice with all ages of kids helps engage all their senses to see what it's all about before having any work done. This way they can ask questions and see that nothing we use is scary at all! Their able to hear the suction and hand pieces. We explain cleaning their teeth as washing their hair. Do you wash your hair with soap? Do you scrub to get all the dirt out? Do you rinse all the soap out with water? This way they can see that we are cleaning out their tooth, just as they would wash their hair. This helps to settle any fears and create a trusting environment.  

How do I get them to brush?

Once you've taken the kids to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and any decay addressed, next comes maintaining good habits at home. Brushing in the morning and night, and flossing once a day is very important. Find them a toothbrush with a favorite character on it. Choosing a toothpaste flavor they like helps too. Most of the time mint is to strong or seems spicy to little ones. Bubblegum and Strawberry are good choices. Make brushing and flossing fun! Tell them to open up big like a dinosaur, let me hear that rawr! You can play a 2 minute song while brushing that they only get to hear when it's toothbrush time. Let them brush for awhile to let them feel in control. Time for tickle floss! You can use a handled flosser in a favorite color and tickle between those teeth. Mom and Dad you should help to brush their teeth until you would trust them to brush yours!

What now?

It is very important to bring your kids in to see the dentist at a young age, and establish healthy oral hygiene habits. Making your kids feel comfortable with the dentist will carry with them their whole life. Kids excited to go to the dentist turn into adults who are informed and don't have fears or anxiety associated with the dental office. Don't have a dental home for yourself or the kids? Give us a call today to schedule your new patient experience. Start a routine and stick with it. You've got this mom and dad!

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